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The famous classical singer who loses his voice got it back during the Christian healing prayer ceremony

The famous classical singer Victor Ratnayake was hospitalized a few weeks ago as he lost his voice. Though he admitted to the hospital and got treatment, doctors were unable to find the cause.

Thereafter, Victor Rathnayaka and his younger wife visited a Christian healing prayer ceremony to get his voice back by prayers. At the healing prayer ceremony, the Christian Paster rubbed Victor Rathnayaka’s throat and shouted to at evil spirits to leave him alone.

In the beginning, Victor Rathnayaka tried to speak, but his voice was so low and he was unable to speak continuously. However, at the end of the healing preyers, the Paster told Victor Ratnayake that he is now completely healed and asked him to talk as normal.

Thereafter, Victor Rathnayaka said “Yes I can talk now” to the mic and sang one of his famous song ‘ Adaraye Ulpatha U Amma’ on the healing prayer stage. At this time the audience was surprised and stared to pray Lord Jesus while he was singing on the stage. Later Neth-FM ‘Balumgala’ conducted a programme about this incident and you can watch the video on YouTube by this link.

Victor Rathnayaka was the first Sri Lanka musician who appeared in a live single person concert. He was born in 1942 on February 18th in Kadugannawa. Victor Rathnayaka’s first musical program was “SA Prasangaya” in 1973 and it was the most successful music program in that era.

Victor Rathnayaka’s father was a well famous Sinhala Medical Doctor ( Veda Mahaththaya) in Kadugannawa. Once in an interview, Victor said that his father presented him with a harmonium when he was nine years and that influence him into the music field.

He started learned singing and playing musical instruments under a famous musician Siril Perera at his own institute in Mulgampola city. Victor Rathnayaka then entered to Institute of Aesthetic Studies in 1963and developed his singing skills furthermore.

Victor Rathnayaka wrote his first song in 1964 about Lord Buddha and it was broadcasted in Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and within a very short period of time, it became well famous among Sri Lankan radio listeners.

Victor Ratnayake’s latest release was”Nil Kadhu Yaya” and it was released in 2012 February in Lumbini Theater where he held his first one-man concert in 1973 on July 20th. Victor Ratnayake’s most famous songs are:

Thani tharuwe
Thani wennata mage lowe
Budhuhamuduruwo apith dainnathi
Asha nirasha mawu
Mohen mula wela
Gigiri geetha rawe
Niwan Dutu himi
Adaraye ulpatha wu amma

Victor Rathnayaka was able to join the Ministry of Education in 1969 and worked as a music master, and then assigned to Etalapitiya College in Bandarawela as a music instructor. Victor Rathnayaka used to travel by train every day to Bandarawela College and what he experiences by seeing surrounds he then described by a song ”Sisil Sulan Walle” which was penned by famous musician Sena Weerasekara.

In 1973 July 20th, at the Lumbini Theatre in Havelock Town, Victor Rathnayaka held his first live musical program “SA Prasangaya” and it was the first one-man show in Sri Lankan musical history. The “SA Prasangaya” can be described as a turning point in the Sri Lankan Music field. Within a very short period of time “SA Prasangaya” achieved high popularity and Victor Rathnayaka started gaining the attention of many Sri Lankan music lovers.

Once Victor Rathnayake mentioned on a television interview, that other famous musician in that era such as Pandith Amaradeva, Sunil Shantha, Ananda Samarakoon who were considered to be the ”pioneers in the Sri Lankan music history were the most influenced people for him to achieve his goal.

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