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Prophet Kingsley who gave Victor Rathnayaka’s voice back was arrested.

Veteran singer Victor Ratnayake’s recent visit to a Christian church to regain his lost voice was the subject of much discussion on social media. However, it is reported that this lost voice of Victor Ratnayake has been restored by Pastor W.A.D. Kingsley.

However, this pastor was interviewed a few days ago by a youtube channel. In that YouTube interview, the pastor described his past. In that YouTube interview, the person leading the discussion asks the pastor if the propaganda that you are a Buddhist by birth is true. Then the pastor says yes it is true. The person conducting the program at that time says ok I would like to know more about it and this is how he described his life.

He says that he was born in Hambantota and received his primary education at the Royal College, Tissamaharama. He then went back to St. Miris College to pursue higher education. I grew up in a Buddhist environment, however, it was not until I was twenty that I began to seek Christ and become his followers. It was at the age of twenty that I began to understand the true meaning of Christianity.

At this point the person conducting the interview asked the pastor ”is there any special reason for you to lean towards religion?”. Then the pastor said that I was a very naughty child from a young age. So my parents and my relatives thought that I would not be able to raise as a good person in our family.

Because when I was a kid I used to go to the movies or fight with someone or throw someone’s book bag into the river. So because of this, my parents were afraid that I would fall into a very bad society and that’s what happened Rev. Kingsly said.

The pastor also said, when I was in high school, I had a problem with a friend in my class and the problem got worse when the friend’s father got involved. The school also suspended me for this issue. However, I was also a prefect at the school. My friend’s father got involved in this issue and I had a fight with my friend’s father at the outside of the school.

At that time my friend’s father had come with a knife in his hand. At that moment, I stabbed my friend’s father. Later the police arrested me and produced to the court, thereafter the court remanded me for 28 days. Later, when I got home, my parents rejected me, and they said that we knew it would happen to you someday and thereafter my relatives and friends began to marginalize me.

At this point, I got bored with my life and decided to commit suicide. Just as I was getting bored with life and trying to take my own life, I met a pastor who had a Bible in his hand. He was the one who taught me the good and the bad and kindness in life and converted me to Christianity.

You can watch the entire interview of Pastor Kingsley on YouTube by this link

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