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Prime Minister’s statement about CoVID-19 dead body burial.

Recently, State Minister Dr Sudarshani Fernando said that CoVID-19 virus will not spread through grounded water sources when a CoVID-19 body buried.

Therefore, at the parliament, the opposition parliament member S.M. Marrikkar asked Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksha whether the government is now allowing Muslims people to bury their relatives’ dead bodies.

In response to this, the prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said that permission would be granted for the burial of dead bodies. The answer was unexpected by S.M.Marikkar, however, prime minister mahinda also did not directly refer it to the CoVID-19 dead bodies.

As soon as prime minister answered S.M. Marikkar he left the parliament. This time Marikkar ran after the prime minister and asked the question again as he did not expect such an answer from the prime minister and wanted to to be confirmed the answer.

At the exit of the parliament hall, S.M. Marikkar asked prime minister, whether the government really decided to give permission for Muslim CoVID-19 dead bodies. At this time prime minister turned around and smiled and left the parliament silently.

The news spread all over highlighting that the government has given the permission for Sri Lankan Muslims to bury their CoVID-19 infected dead bodies.

Accordingly, many Muslim politicians including former minister Rishad Badurdeen, Rauf Hakeem thanked the prime minister. The president of Pakistan Imran Khan and ambassadors of the United States and the United Kingdom also thanked Mahinda Rajapaksha for his decision.

However, government media says that the prime minister was referring to general Muslim death burial and not specifically about CoVID-19 infected dead bodies burial.

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