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Minister Wimal Weerawansha was targeted

119 Police Emergency Response Center received a telephone call stating that they are going to target Minister Vimal Weerawansa next. Regarding this complain Wellawatta police is now conducting a special investigation through the call number.

However, 119 Emergency Response Center has notified Wellawatta police station about the caller. The suspect has called the 119 on 12 February at around 3 pm and it was revealed that he is a residence of Welwatithurei, Kerudewatta. The suspect’s name is Sudarshan.

The suspect told 119, that they are aiming at minister Wimal Weerawansha who resides No. 275 Joseph Stanly Road, Wellawatta. Thereafter, the information was given to the Wellawatta police station by 119 Emergency Response Center.

When Wellawatta police investigated the incident it was revealed that there’s no such address in Joseph Stanly Road and also minister Wimal Weerawansha is not living in that place.

Later, the OIC of the Wellawatta police crime division called the suspect, at this time the person who answered the phone had scolded the OIC with bad words.

Thereafter, the police conducted a further investigation through the SIM number and found that the SIM card belongs to a person who resides in Kotagala, Diulapathana. When police questions the suspect, he has told that his phone was lost on 13 January, however, there was no police complaint made by the suspect.

However, as per the instructions of Senior DIG in Western Province Deshabandu Thennakoon, Wellawatta police is conducting further investigations about the incident.

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