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Jackson Anthony

ackson Anthony is not only an actor, but he is also a great screenwriter, producer, television host, lyricist, columnist, novelist, and a singer. He was born in 1958 July 8 in Podivee Kumbura, Ragama. Though many of his fans know him as Jackson Anthony, his full name is Konganige Joseph Malsi Jackson Anthony.

During his school time, he was famous as Malsi among his friends. Jackson Has completed his primary education at Hapugoda Junior School and then moved to Mary’s College in Bandarawela to complete higher studies. However during this period, Jackson Anthony’s parents have moved to Colombo from Bandarawela, thus Jackson left Mary’s College and joined Galahitiyawa Central College in Ganemulla.

Jackson Anthony was an active member of the Galahitiyawa Central College swimming club and also played for the school cricket team. After finishing his advance level examination Jackson entered the University of Colombo and obtaining an honors degree in Sinhala Language and Sinhala Literature. Jackson Anthony also a master’s degree holder of Mass Media.

He received his master’s degree from Sri Jayawardhanapura University. Jackson met Kumari Sadalatha Munasingha who later became his wife at the University of Sri Jayawardhanapura. Jackson and Kumari have three children, two sons, and a daughter. At present, the whole family has engaged with the Sri Lankan film industry and teledrama field. Madhawee Wathsala is the elder daughter and Akila Dhanuddara is the second child while Sajitha Anuththara is the youngest in the family.

Jackson started his carrier from stage dramas such as through ”Madura Jawanika”, ”Loma Hansa”, ”Mora”, ”Tharawo Igilethi”. These stage dramas converted him islandwide famous. Jackson entered to the big screen in 1993 by acting the role of ”Chitti” in the Guru gedara movie. Since then he has appeared more than 30 Sinhala movies and teledramas.

”Suseema” was the most famous teledrama of Jackson Anthony’s which was telecasted in the early 1990s. In 2015, Jackson was awarded by Derana Film Awards as a ”Best Actor in the Year” for the film he acted ”Address Na”.

Below are some of Jackson Anthony’s Sinhala teledramas and movies:

2015 Ahlepola Kumarihami
2015 Address Na
2017 Dharmayuddhaya
2018 Gharasarapa
2018 Udumbara

2006 Kurulu Pihatu
2010 Kshema Bhoomi
2012 Kusa Pabha
2015 Pravegaya
2015 Maharaja Gemunu

998 Gini Avi Saha Gini Keli
2001 Aswesuma
2004 Mille Soya
2004 Agnidahaya
2004 Sooriya Arana
2004 Randiya Dahara
2005 Guerilla Marketing
2006 Dheewari

1993 Guru Gedara
1995 Chitti
1995 Ayoma
1996 Loku Duwa
1997 Punaruthpaththiya
1997 Bawa Duka
1997 Visidela
1998 Bawa Karma
1998 Tharanaya

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