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Gunadasa Kapuge

Gunadasa Kapuge was a Sri Lankan singer, composer and a talented musician. He was born in 1945 on August 7th in a small village called Tanabaddegama, Elpitiya. In 1968, Kapuge was appointed as an operational assistant in Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and in 1975 he was promoted as a program producer in the recording department. Due to his excellent skills and attitude he was again promoted to the ”Rajarata Sevaya Broadcasting Corporation” in 1981 as an ”Incharge of the music section”.

Kapuge was a legend and his one-man musical program ”Kampana” was the most famous and successful one-man show during the 1990s in Sri Lanka. Gunadasa Kapuge completed his primary education at Karandeniya Central College and then moved to Darmasoka College in Ambalangoda for the higher studies.

After finishing his higher studies Gunadasa moved to ”Haywood College of Music” in India to complete a degree and obtained a title as ”Visharada” since then he was named ”Visharada Gunadasa Kapuge”. Gunadasa Kapuge released his first song ” Dasa Nilupul Tema” in 1973 and within a very short period of time, he became popular among Sri Lankan music lovers. Gunadasa Kapuge married in 1978 to his long time girlfriend, Prema Withanage and then the couple moved to Colombo as Kapuge worked in Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in Colombo. The radio Ceylon quoted Gunadasa Kapuge as a ‘Grade A’ vocalist due to his amazing singing talents.

Below are some of Gunadasa Kapuge’s famous songs :

Ahasa Usata
Awado Sansare
Bimbarak Senaga
Bindu Bindu Tharaka
Birinda Mage Oba

Dam Patin La
Dawasak Pala Nethi
Desa Nilupul
Dethola Nokee De

Ruwak Adenawa
Sabanda Api
Sanda Re Sihinaye
Seethala Sanda Eliye

Sinhala Sindu Kiyana
Situ Kumariye
Sudu Nanda Ai
Tharu Mal Yayama
Unmada Sithuwam
Uthuru Kone

Senehe Sithin

Domba Mal Kalawe
Duka Hadu Dena
Man Hinda Obe
Man Mula wee
Nambara Goyamata
Ninda Nethi Raye
Oba Pem Karana

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