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Duleeka Marapana

Duleeka is known as a ”Acting University” due to her brilliant acting skills. Her full name is Wasala Kulathunga Wijekoon Mudiyanselage Duleeka Wijekoon Marapana, however many of her fans know her by just Duleeka Marapana. Duleeka was born in 1975 on November 15th. She became well famous with the ”Malee” mega teledrama which telecasted by Derana TV every weekday. In ”Malee” teledrama she performed a black magic woman’s character as ”Dingiri Amma”.

During school life, Duleeka has participated in several stage dramas including small characters in teledramas. After finishing her advance level examination she entered the University of Kelaniya for higher studies. During this time in 1997, she acted in her first teledrama” Sapathnee” and received an award as ”Best Actress” on the year.


2013Double Trouble

2014Kosthapal Punyasoma

2015Lantin Singho



2016Hero Nero

2017Ali Kathawa

Duleeka married to an actor Sujeewa Priyal Yeddehige on 14th August 2015. She produced a stage drams ” Lawrencege Manamali” and it has been staged over 300 times across the country. In 2012, Duleeka Marapana obtained the ”Best Actress Award” for the teledrama ”Depath NAi” from Sumathi Tele Awards. Since 1997, she has received a number of awards for her excellent acting skills. Below are some of her awards and the movies and teledramas she acted.


Best actress -” Sanda Amawakai”
Best Actress – Sapathmee (1999)
Best Actress – Swarnamali (2000)
Best Actress Sumathi Awards – Depath Nai (2004)
Best Actress Sumathi Awards – Hima Katayam (2005)
Best Supporting Actress – “Rathriya”(National Teledrama Festival)
SIGNIS Best performance of the Year 2007
Best Actress Sumathi Awards – Ridee Itankaraya (2010)
Best Actress in Raigam Tele’es – Isuru Bawana (2010)
Best Supporting Actress – Me Wasantha Kalayai (2011)
Best Supporting Actress National Drama Festival – The House of Bernada Alba (2011)

Acted teledramas and movies

2003Pura Sakmana


2004Sooriya Arana

2005Samanala Thatu

2006Udugan Yamaya

2008Hathara Denama Soorayo remake


2010Tikiri Suwanda


2011Ethumai Methumai

2012Super Six

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