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Singer Umariya Sinhawansha upset about her video that is being circulated on social media

Umariya Sinhawansha was born on 5th January 1991 in Colombo. She completed her primary education at Muslim Ladies College at Bambalapitiya and then entered Gateway International School for her higher studies. Since her childhood, she was interested in music as she comes from a well-known family of musicians.

Her sister is Umara also one of the most talented and famous singers in Sri Lanka. Both Umara and Umariya started their career as singers when they were schooling, their first performance was done when Umariya Sinhawansha was in grade 6 where she performed a song along with her sister Umara on a school stage for a large audience.

After completing higher studies, Umariya was invited by Bathiya and Santhush to be a part of their musical shows. Due to her brilliant skills of talent and sweet voice, her songs won the hearts of Sri Lankan music lovers, especially among the young generation.

Umariya Sinhawansha’s first Sri Lankan movie song was ‘Pathu Pem Udane’ for the ‘Asai Man Piyabanna’ Sri Lankan movie. This song was sung by Umariya with Santhush and Bathiya and it became famous overnight. Umariya was offered by Coca Cola Company to perform a song for their commercials.

In a recent YouTube interview, Umariya mentioned a video that was recently shared on social media. She said there was someone like me in the video and its not me. I am innocent and so why do I have to justify, therefore, I keep quiet and people who know me know well about me.

However, knowing that it’s not me in this video, still, it is being publicized. That’s why I feel so sorry about it. But these people do not know how much I fall mentally from what they have done.

They won’t understand the gravity of it until it happens to their sister or mother, then they will realize the pain. That’s how she expressed her feeling about the video in that interview. You can watch the video at this link.

Bollywood Actress Sara Khan: Bollywood actress Sara Khan’s sister Arya Khan accidentally posted a small video of Sara Khan’s while she was bathing in a bathtub in Insta story.

According to Sara Khan, this incident happened when she visited Sri Lanka with her sister. She has arrived in Sri Lanka with her sister to spend her vacation. However, after sharing the video clip, it was soon gone viral on social media.

When Arya Khan realized that the video is accidentally posted in Insta Story, she has deleted it, but the damage was unrecovered as it has been shared by thousands of her followers during that time. Recently Sara has spoken to International Business Times India about the incident.

There she has revealed that her sister was drunk at that time and accidentally it happened. Sara further said, ” I have know idea about what happened. Everything just went wrong in munites.

That video was done by my sister Arya for fun. She was drunk and we were having fun at that time and this thing happened without her knowledge. “

However, after receiving such video her fans and social media followers were shocked. Sara Khan was a former Bigg Boss 4 contestant in 2010. About the incident, Sara told that we all are human beings and we all do mistakes in our lives. However, when we realised that something wrong happened we deleted it, but we were so late.

She further said that her friends, relations and family members know about her and they won’t judge me on that video clip as it was a mistake which did by my sister when she was drunk.

Sara Khan was born on 06 August 1989. She is a famous Indian model and actress. She started her career as a model and later entered to the big screen with the Star Plus show. In 2010, Sara was married to a famous TV presenter and actor Ali Merchant.

However, Sara divorced him in 2011. Their marriage was last for just two months. After separating from Sara, Ali Merchant said that marrying Sara was the biggest mistake he ever did. Sara’s first television program was ‘Star Voice of India’ and it was telecasted in 2007. Since then till now she has appeared several television programs.

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