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Anoja Weerasingha

Anoja Weerasingha is an award-winning Sri Lankan film star. She was born in 1955 on January 21st in Badulla District. At present, she is 65 years old. Anoja was the fourth daughter of her family as she has 12 siblings. Anoja comes from the background of acting as her father also a stage actor. However, her mother was a housewife. Though she was born in Badulla, Anoja’s family moved to Monaragala due to some political influence.

Anoja was married to a gem businessman in Rathnapura in 1979, However, the couple was divorced due to personal issues in 1990. Thereafter, Anoja Weerasingha married again in 1991 to an estate owner in Badulla. Anoja started her carrier with a minor role in Tak Tik Tuk which was directed by Jayalalitha Nanayakkara in 1987. Since then she acted in several Sri Lankan movies as well as Australian movies.

Anoja Weerasinga’s first main role was in the ‘Monarathanna’ movie which was also directed by Yasapalitha Nanayakkara. Due to Anoja’s brilliant acting skills, she was able to win several awards during her carrier. She was also well famous for Sinhala Stage dramas.

Below are some of Anoja’s stage dramas:

Age Nama Rati
Trojan Kanthawoo
Memories of Monkey Boy
Ran Salakuna
Diriya Mawa Saha Daruwoo

Anoja Weerasingha also has achieved an international award from India at the ‘New Delhi International Film Festival’ in 1987 for the movie of Maldeniye Simiyon. The movie was directed by Dr. D.B. Nihalsingha and produced by Vije Ramanayaka who was the owner of Tharanga Films. Anoja was the first Sri Lankan actress who received an international award from an international film festival.

Anoja Weerasingha also honored by the Governor of Tamil Nadu, with the Kohinoor Award. In 1994, she was honored by Sri Lankan Government with the ‘Kala Shuri’ national award. In the same year, she achieved another award from the Asian Film Center.

Below are some of Anoja’s local and international awards:

Presidential Special Award 1984 – Muhudu Lihini
Sarasaviya Awards 1985 – Hithwathiya
Presidential Award 1985 Merit Award – Hithawathiya
Sarasawiya Award 1986 Merit Award – Mihidum Salu
Best Actress in 1986 State Awards
Best Costume Design in 1986 State Awards
Sarasaviya Awards 1986 Best Film – Obata Diwura Kiyannam
Best Actress in 1987 Sarasaviya Awards – Maldeniye Simion
Best Actress in 1987 OCIC Awards – Maldeniye Simion
Best Actress in 1987 Presidential Awards – Maldeniye Simion
Rajatha Mayura Award for Best Actress in 1987
Best Actress in 11th Indian International Film Festival – Maldeniye Simion
Best Television Actress in 1987 – Thaara Devi
Rana Thisara Award in 1987
Kalsuri Award in 1987
Honor Award in 1987
Woman of the Year 1987 – Vanitha Award at Rotary International Club
Best Actress in 1990 Sarasaviya Awards – Sirimedura
Best Actress in 1987 OCIC Awards – Sirimedura
Koinor Rathna Award 1990
Most Popular Actress in 1991 Vanitha Award
Best Actress in 1992 Sarasaviya Awards – Kelimadala
Best Actress in 1992 OCIC Awards – Kelimadala
Best Producer in 1992 Sarasaviya Awards – Kelimadala
Best Actress in 1994 Sarasaviya Awards – Surabidena
Best Actress in 1994 Presidential Awards – Gurugedara
Best Actress in 1994 Swarna Sankha Award – Surabidena
Fringee First Award at Edinburg Drama Festival 2005 – Children of the Sea producer
Tap Water Award at Edinburg Drama Festival 2005 – Children of the Sea producer
Best Actress in 2006 State Awards – Diriya Mawa Saha Age Daruwa

1979 Monarathenna
1980 Tak Tik Tuk
1980 Sinhabahu
1981 Amme Mata Samawenna
1981 Dayabara Nilu
1981 Geethika Naalika
1981 Aradhana
1981 Saaranga
1982 Kale Mal
1983 Kaliyugaya
1983 Hasthi Viyaruwa
1983 Pasa Mithuro
1983 Menik Maliga
1983 Monarathenna 2
1984 Muhudu Lihini
1984 Niwan Dakna Jathi Dakwa
1984 Thaththai Puthai
1984 Hithawathiya
1984 Batti
1985 Mihidum Salu
1985 Mawubima Nathnam Maranaya
1985 Araliya Mal
1985 Channai Kello Dennai
1985 Aeya Waradida Oba Kiyanna
1985 Obata Diwura Kiyanna
1985 Varsity Kella
1985 Miss Lanka
1986 Mal Warusa
1986 Peralikarayo
1986 Maldeniye Simion
1987 Devuduwa
1987 Hitha Honda Chandiya

1987 Janelaya
1987 Sathyagrahanaya
1987 Kale Kella
1988 Ahinsa

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